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Tools of the Trade

Lose a hobby. Gain a passion

The power behind the picture

The Beast in Presses

Fine Engraving

Bring your creativity to life

The Castle after Jaromir

In 2013, Franz Kafka’s “The Castle” was adapted by David Zane Maiowitz and illustrated by Jaromír 99. I used this image to inform and influence my work

Sunset over Lake Jinji

Walking alongside Lake Jinji in Suzhou, China one December evening, I could only admire the setting sun as it cast its red and orange hues across the Lake.


Clovelly is a delightful coastal village with its steep, cobbled road dropping down to the harbour. Deliveries are made by sledge as vehicles are banned.

Faro de Punta Pechiguera

The disused and working lighthouses are located on the most south-western tip of Lanzarote. This view is from the mini harbour at Punta Limones.